Mentoring Program

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Mentoring New Jersey’s Current & Future Leaders

Mentoring at its heart is a process in which a wise and trusted counselor or teacher, known as a mentor, provides sage advice to a less experienced individual, known as a mentee.

Program Purpose

The purpose of the Mentorship program is to facilitate relationship building for personal and professional growth of ONL NJ members at all levels.

Program Objectives

  • ·   Enable members/leaders to develop skills and knowledge of the work that falls within their accountabilities with the assistance of experienced leaders.

  • ·   Provide resources to discuss issues and concerns.

  • ·   Encourage career development and long-term career planning.

Participant Roles

Mentor – A skilled and knowledgeable expert who has expressed an interest and is committed to a formal supportive relationship with a nurse leader, nurse manager or aspiring nurse leader statewide which will enhance the professional growth and development of that individual.

Mentee – A mentee demonstrates similar qualities and actions to that of a mentor. In addition, a mentee is someone looking to grow professionally and personally and is open to building a relationship with someone based on the above qualities and actions.

Term of Mentorship

This is a one-year commitment for the formal mentorship process.

Who Should Participate?

Staff Nurses, Assistant Nurse Managers, Nurse Managers, Nursing Supervisors, Directors of Nursing, Nurse Educators, Chief Nursing Officers and any aspiring nurse leaders across all settings of nursing practice.

Cohort VII is set to begin in the fall of 2023. 

Contact Susan Cholewka, executive director at


The purpose of the toolkit is to support and guide mentors/mentees who are participating in the ONL NJ Mentoring Program.  Resources in this toolkit are designed to assist the mentor/mentee dyad build a strong helping relationship. All ONL NJ members are eligible to receive a complimentary electronic copy of the toolkit.

The toolkit is available for purchase. Order the toolkit here.

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