Impacting health through nursing leadership


Engage and develop nurse leaders in advocacy, research, education, mentorship, and collaborative relationships.  

Core Strategic Initiatives

  1. Influence healthcare policy and delivery in New Jersey
  2. Create a diverse, equitable, inclusive membership
  3. Educate and develop nurse leaders in all settings
  4. Foster a networking environment
  5. Integrate research and innovation in various strategic initiatives
  6. Ensure fiscal stability
  7. Support a healthy work environment


  • Inclusive
  • Collaborative
  • Pro-active

ONL NJ is the Voice of Nursing Leadership

  • More than 500 members strong
  • Representing 90% of the hospitals in New Jersey
  • Responsible for a combined workforce that exceeds 113,000 active registered nurses

Membership Includes

  • Aspiring nurse leaders
  • Educators
  • Academia
  • Nurse Managers
  • Clinical Nurse Leaders
  • Administrative Directors of Nursing and Patient Care
  • Vice Presidents of Nursing
  • Chief Nursing Officers
  • Healthcare Business Representatives
  • Retired Nursing Leaders
  • Nursing leaders across the continuum of healthcare

Our Focus

  • Legislative/public policy issues related to nursing and patient care issues
  • Evidence based practices and research
  • Staff development/education programs
  • Leadership development
  • Mentorship for aspiring nurse leaders at all levels
  • Quality patient care initiatives