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Through the work of the Advocacy Committee, ONL NJ keeps abreast of the latest issues affecting nursing on legislative, regulatory and practice areas. The overall purpose is to influence and have a measurable impact on healthcare policy in New Jersey. The strategic objectives of the ONL NJ advocacy and policy efforts include the following:

  • Seek to proactively impact political and legislative issues related to nursing practice and healthcare
  • Meet with legislators and attend legislative forums to represent NJ nurses and healthcare interests
  • Contribute to the development and presentation of position statements
  • Maintain representatives in Trenton who seek to establish relationships with legislators and keep us informed on nursing related policies and bills.

Legislative Priorities

State of new jersey 221st legislature

2024-2025 Session

S-1949 Vitale / A-1659 Lampitt

            Establishes certain requirements and initiatives related to nurses, transfers oversight of certified nurses’ aides from DOH to BON; appropriates $26.7 million

  • ONL NJ supports this measure


A-944 Munoz / S-1983 Vitale

            Eliminates certain practice restrictions for advanced practice nurses.

S-1941 Vitale / A-3450 Quijano

Establishes minimum registered professional nurse staffing standards for hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities and certain DHS facilities.

  • ONL NJ opposes this measure and is coordinating efforts with other members of the nursing and health industry in NJ to provide alternatives to staffing ratios
  • These alternatives address the needs of individual hospitals and patients and help provide better healthcare outcomes
  • ONL NJ has facilitated the implementation of the Nursing Workplace Environment and Staffing Council (NWESC) model in 44 hospitals in New Jersey. More information on this program is available in the NWESC area of the ONL NJ website.
  • Nurse Staffing Position Statement

S- 2700 Vitale / A-3683 Quijano

            Establishes "Patient Protection and Safe Staffing Act."

  • ONL NJ opposes this measure.


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